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Quality starts and ends with our Security Officers. Their professionalism, competence and commitment make the difference. Fisher Executive Protection (FEP) Security Officers serve and secure the people, homes and businesses of our communities. The vast experience and training that is provided to an FEP Officer is equal to no other security force of its size. FEP Officers have provided security protection for a variety of situations, such as the San Francisco Meat Packers strike; bodyguards; off-hour security for several movie theaters in the San Francisco and East Bay.

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Security Service - Apartment Buildings


Our canine unit commander has over 20 years of canine handling expertise. We have 7 active working protection dogs. The main function of the K 9 Unit is to patrol and provide back up, as well as, aid in any situation, which necessitates the utilization of a K-9 team. Our canine handler can be armed or Un-armed.

Security Service - Apartment Buildings

If you are an owner or property manager of an apartment building then the safety of your residents as well as the condition of your building is very important to you. Fisher Executive Protection can provide that professional, safe environment your residents and insurance company will appreciate, but your repairman won't.

Security Service - Construction Sites

The value of your building materials and machinery is worth more than placing some untrained, unmotivated guard to watch over it. Contact Fisher Executive Protection for highly energetic officers that won't fall asleep during the midnight hours when the safety of your equipment is most important.

Security Service - Hospitals

Are you a Hospital Administrator? Are you in the need of professional CPR/First Aid trained security personnel? Then you have chosen the right company for your facility. All Fisher Executive Protection Officers are trained in CPR/First Aid as well as AED operation. Contact us to upgrade your current force or obtain new quality services.

Security Service - Office Buildings

"Good Morning Ms. Person, who are you here to see?" You've spent money upgrading your building, now allow Fisher Executive Protection to add that extra sense of security when your employees arrive for work, knowing their work area is safe and they won't be hassled for extra change.

Security Service - Restaurants

"Welcome, and thank you for visiting (Your Restaurant Name), may I get the door for you?" This is how our officers greet customers when they arrive to your establishment. Allow Fisher Executive Protection to show you how we incorporate outstanding customer service with quality security services.

Security Service - Shopping Centers

If you are an owner or property manager of a shopping center, then the safety of your clients and customers is very important to you. We at Fisher Executive Protection can provide that professional, safe environment your clients and customers will appreciate.

Security Service - Strike Security


We provide officers professionally dressed in business suits. Officers armed with instant and digital camera for on-site real-time recording of events, in addition to a video camera for crowd and strike behavior documentation. Our Strike Officers are trained in verbal judo to insure that no situation is allowed to escalate beyond talking. Strike security officers are specially trained officers who have a stern but sympathetic approach and conversation with strikers.