Fisher Executive Protection llc is owned and operated by Antoine E. Fisher, a former Law Enforcement Officer with East Bay Regional Park Police, Oakland Police Department and Oakland Housing Police. Mr. Fisher is an accomplished Weaponless Defense Instructor, PR-24 Baton-Instructor Trainer, and Firearms Instructor for the N.R.A. CA Bureau of Security and Investigative Service, Hand Gun Safety Instructor thru the Department of Justices,

Ocat Pepper Spray Instructor,

Concealed Weapon Instructor for 33 states.

Mr. Fisher supervised the San Francisco Meat Packers strike, San Francisco Restaurant strike, provided security assist for Janet Jackson, secured locations such as: Bed Bath and Beyond branch stores local to San Francisco Bay Area, 7 locations for Malibu Grand Prix in Northern and Southern California, Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, provided security for two Government owned properties in Richmond, and various movie theaters in San Francisco Chinese District.